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Status update June 2023

Hey there! It's been a while.

Two months ago I quit my job, and from that moment, I did other stuff than coding. I neglected some aspects of my life for way too long. I developed friendships, took care of my health, felt in love.

But while I invested less time in coding than I thought I would, I still did some things.

Sxmo - regular maintenance #

Nothing very particular here, but I still flagged a release to sxmo-utils. Main goal was to bump the nerd-fonts icons with the new 3.0.0 release. The Alpine Linux aarch64 pipeline was down for a bit, but the root issue is solved, and it should land soon enough (I hope).

Fossbill - feature complete #

I continued to work on Fossbill with an unregular velocity. Still I think the core feature set is now complete. My to-do list for this project now is:

- UI style overhaul

- Dark theme

- Data import/export

- SaaS feature scope (disableable feature)

I also would like to make the installation process easier. It still needs too much manual step to my tastes.

Hare/Helios #

Two months ago I had much fun coding for Hare and Mercury driver. I actually made a working RTC driver, my very first driver! Next step was to implement CPU frequency determination to the Helios kernel, but at this point I think it was too much for me. Anyway I learned a lot while doing so, and I still plan to continue this way.

Good surprise was when Drew proposed to me to join the Hare maintainer team. I still feel illegitimate, but I should be better when I will actually make some aarch64 failing tests to pass.

Professional situation #

I took time to set up my freelance situation. Now I have the microstructure to actually work as a developer freelance. I still need customers, but I didn't advertise myself anywhere yet. My budget still allow me to keep living for months. At some point, if I still lack the marketing aspect to make it to works, I would eventually fall back to regular job looking.

Now I feel I'm back to my computer. There is lot to do, and time pass fast. Take care of yourself.

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