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Status update July 2023

Hello you, I've been busy, so let's start this status update!

Fossbill #

Over the last months I developed the features that was necessary from a freelancer perspective. Last developments concern bill style customization, brand logos URLs, and minor workflow simplification.

The installation and update workflows are spotless, and I wrote a documentation companion website to help newcomers. The first stable versions had been released, the test coverage please me and will help me for a long time maintenance, the database migration process is simple.

Now I feel like I pushed this project forward enough. I don't expect much from it, but I would like for it to find its users. Also, it was very interesting to develop a Flask application from scratch, with every aspect of a fully working SaaS product.

This is the kind of project I like to works for. I would be very happy if I could live from those projects in the long run.

Sxmo #

Over the typical maintainer work, I also did a bit for Sxmo by myself.

We refactorized the Alpine packaging a lot. Before that point, Sxmo relied on sxmo-utils from aports, and on some meta packages from pmaports. We moved every dependency to new meta packages on aports itself. So now, installing sxmo-utils-common is enough to install everything needed to run a Sxmo + Sway + Pipewire Desktop Environment. Updating packages is now more clean and safe, and it helps to install Sxmo on every Alpine Os machine.

More details here

Recently I upstreamed some of the configuration I had from my non-mobile machines. I use Sxmo on every personal computer I have, and feel like some of the glue I use are common enough for general use cases. In the long run I'd like for Sxmo to works decently on every machine out of the box. If you ask why should I use Sxmo and not Sway directly, I would reply that Sxmo embark the needed configurations you'll need anyway.

Bonsai and Sxmobar bump #

Recent Hare development caused Bonsai and Sxmobar to fails while building. This is caused by more strict checks on some structure initialization, and minor changes in stdlib APIs. I had to dig into those issues, but fortunately I don't have to detail further. Hare is designed strongly typed, and so as soon as the builds passes, the software behave as correctly as before. Boring!

Personal life #

This is summer! I went to the sea, ate mussels, drank some Ricards, and walked overnight on the beaches. This is the first time I wore a swimsuit from about 3 years, and I felt fine.

My life is pleasant, but I'll soon have to review again my professional situation. If I can't build a decent income, I'll may have to look at regular job offers. At least to look at jobs on mainstream platforms If I can't advertise myself enough.

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